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FDA-Approved IPL Technology For Your Dry Eye Symptoms

Gritty, burning, tired dry eyes affect millions of Americans. At least 16 million have been diagnosed with dry eye disease—and many millions more might be living in discomfort without a diagnosis. But relief is in sight.

In addition to treating the symptoms of dry eye disease, we offer our patients FDA-approved Lumenis intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. With IPL, we can treat the root cause of most dry eye cases: meibomian gland dysfunction.

What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)?

Meibomian gland dysfunction is believed to be the culprit behind about 86% of dry eye disease cases. It’s a common problem that happens when some of the tiny meibomian glands, which line your eyelid and make the oily part of your tears, aren’t working right.

Dry eye disease is often the result of a combination of factors related to your tear quality and quantity. For example, your meibomian glands could be clogged, leading to less oil reaching the surface of your eye, and your tears drying out faster, resulting in uncomfortable eyes and blurred vision.

About Lumenis IPL

The Lumenis IPL is FDA-approved to treat dry eye by targeting the inflammation at the source of many cases of dry eye disease.

The Lumenis IPL reduces inflammation, decreases demodex mites, and restores the function of meibomian glands.

How Long Does IPL Take?

We recommend four IPL treatment sessions for most cases of dry eye disease, and many patients feel relief after the first session.

Some patients report mild discomfort during the procedure, which might feel like tingling or pinching. Your comfort is important to us, so we’ll work with you to make you as comfortable as possible during your procedure.

Aesthetic Treatments

Not only is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment useful for dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction, it offers aesthetic benefits as well.

IPL can help to reduce or eliminate the red, flushed, and often bumpy skin that comes with rosacea. It can also help reduce the appearance of broken blood vessels. The cheeks, chin, and nose are areas commonly treated with IPL.

The chest, face, and hands are the sun-exposed areas of the body where darkened spots often occur. Mild irregular pigmentation due to sun damage responds well to IPL, often lightening significantly. 

The appearance of liver spots, benign discolorations also known as lentigines, can also be lessened through IPL treatments.

Discolouration of the skin due to age, as well as fine wrinkles, are treatable with IPL, which can reduce the look of lines.

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