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Safe Vision for All

We know that our patients enjoy a variety of extreme sports, recreational activities, and niche thrills. And knowing your vision is safe lets you enjoy the task at hand. Whether you require prescription lenses or not, LaFerla Family Eye Care keeps you informed about the eyewear options that fit your lifestyle.

Many hardworking people in the Midwest need reliable safety eyewear to get the job done. Our team sources leading eye safety products, fitted with your prescription, to help you see accurately and safely while you’re working.

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Managing the Risks

Many activities increase the chances of harm to your vision. One of the easiest ways to manage eye health risks is by wearing appropriate eyewear in dangerous settings. Sports, safety, and specialty glasses can help prevent:

  • Eye trauma during physical activity
  • Foreign objects from entering the eye, including debris and chemicals
  • Environmental conditions from harming your vision

Focus on What Matters

Many workplace environments require your full attention to stay safe and complete the job. Wearing the right eyewear is essential for seeing what’s in front of you. Clear, protected vision is also important when you’re trying to reach your goals in the sports arena.

If you are looking for specialty sports eyewear or protective prescription glasses, we can better understand your needs during a comprehensive eye exam. Whatever arena you compete in, we’ve got your eyes covered.

Activities & Sports

LaFerla Family Eye Care is constantly exploring safe eyewear solutions for the ever-expanding options in sports and outdoor activities. Ask our optometrists about specific eyewear for the activities you’re interested in. Many options are available with prescription lenses, including:

  • Sports goggles (for basketball, racquet sports, etc)

Optometrists agree that proper eye protection decreases eye injuries by up to 90%. This means that being responsible about wearing the right eyewear can help protect your vision. LaFerla Family Eye Care is enthusiastic about keeping your eyes safe on the job site.

We carry 3M safety glasses in a variety of styles. Ask our optical team for the options that fit your prescription.

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Located right off of NW Barry Rd in Kansas City, our office is a balance between clinical, high tech, high fashion, and your friend’s cozy living room.

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LaFerla Family Eye Care is located right across the street from Park Hill High School in Kansas City. There is ample of parking right in front of the entrance of our establishment.

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